Hospitality Concept Planning
As proven developers and consultants in the hospitality industry since 1982, Maren Inc. can create or enhance your hospitality business.

This may include master concept planning, such as stylistic design and construction management, to new-image remodeling. Our specialty consultants, designers and construction engineers are capable of providing scale models and detailed illustrations of your state-of-the-art facility with all of the functional characteristics tailored to ease operations and improve your bottom-line.

We can work right along with you to supervise all phases of construction ranging to the selection of complementary furniture, fixtures and equipment through decorator finishes.

Market Research & Business Plans
To realistically assess and maximize the proposed project/s potential for success, a conceptual operations' prospectus is developed and reviewed with each client.

This prospectus combines project-specific information coupled with current industry data related to the specific hospitality industry sector and geographical region. Business performance issues are addressed in both new and existing businesses and a range of financial projections are provided.

Based on the findings, business and marketing plans are generated in collaboration with each client that take into account the overall business plan's short and long-term goals -- keeping in mind existing budgetary parameters and/or issues related to the generation of additional capital.

Site Analysis & Real Estate Negotiations
A review of one or several sites is conducted with the client to determine the site's operating potential including location, ingress and egress, neighborhood demographics, local business traffic, and all other factors that may influence the operation's success. On request, we can also perform a detailed walkthrough and provide estimates for renovations to suit.

Ultimately, an analysis of each property is prepared based on its concept, budget, and associated positive and negative characteristics.

Maren Inc. is also experienced in serving as a liason between the real estate broker, actively assisting clients in negotiations of the rental or sale of property, including existing or new FF&E.

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment
Maren Inc. is your one-stop, unlimited source for the solicitation, selection, purchasing and leasing of both new and used equipment.

This includes office equipment, computer systems and software, reservation and P.O.S. systems, all furnishings, complete kitchens, smallwares, tabletop wares, health and fitness, and virtually anything else you require.

With one phone call, we can secure bids and present a customized proposal -- including fabrication, installation and onsite training, as necessary.



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