Business Development
Complete Onsite Operational Audits
As an owner or manager, it is often very difficult to evaluate your business with any measure of objectivity. For this reason, a key member of Maren Inc., specializing in your type of hospitality business, will provide and direct an extensive operational audit.

This graded operations' checklist provides the ownership group with a thorough assessment of all areas of the facility and its services including detailed recommendations for improvements.

Financial & Legal Support
Sufficient capitalization is a critical success factor in all hospitality businesses.

Maren Inc. has the internal talent to conduct financial audits and realistically project revenues along with the experience and outside contacts to create additional capital including, but not limited to, equity investors, partnership agreements, and the development of relationships with other hospitality providers and/or suppliers to generate additional revenue streams.

We can also help with acquisition and/or divestiture and provide appropriate legal assistance and/or litigation support wherever and whenever needed.

Food & Beverage Services
Whether freestanding or adjunct to your hospitality venue, the right restaurant with the right menu can generate tremendous business.

Maren Inc. has extensive talent and expertise in creating concept restaurants including the development of house recipes and menus prepared by our master chef and dietitian -- or yours. Our staff sommelier is available to recommend a selection of fine wines and liquors to complement menus, thus further increase sales.

To strengthen profitability, we can help you in the hiring and training of restaurant staff, establishing more cost-effective purveyor relationships within and beyond your geographic region and also be contracted to monitor and advise you concerning your restaurant/s purchasing and labor costs on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Executive Recruiting & Staff Training
Hiring, training and retaining good employees is extremely costly in time and money. Those hired must have outstanding interpersonal skills and the requisite level of talent suited to your hospitality business.

Maren Inc. has the contacts to locate and secure prospective new hires at any level -- all possessing the right personality and desired education and experience in order to effectively perform in their positions immediately.

Maren Inc. also offers a comprehensive selection of customized training programs covering all aspects of hospitality operations -- including, but not limited to, positive employee relations and retention programs to generate loyalty. These workshops can be conducted at the location of your choice with up to 30 employees per session. We are also capable of collaboratively preparing customized training materials with the ownership group so that your own employees can conduct your own unique brand of training sessions internally.

All materials and programs developed by Maren Inc. are designed from a "Marketing from the Inside Out"© perspective, encouraging positive employee morale, intercooperation between departments resulting in increased productivity with improved customer service and, overall, an improvement in sales and your bottom-line.

We also provide employee outplacement assistance services to hospitality business ownership groups during restructuring.



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